This is a similar drill to the above one but it is probably even tougher to win, especially with two approximately equal players.

a) Two players play the game with the serve and return.
b) Every point is played twice. The server serves to the deuce side and they play the point. Then the server serves AGAIN to the deuce side and they play another point.
c) If one player wins both points, then it''s a REAL point in the game – for example 15:0 if the server won both.
d) If each player wins one point, the score stands at 0:0 and the server serves again to the deuce side twice.
e) When that game is finished they switch roles for serving and returning.\r\nf) Play to 3 won games.

- play no add instead of regular add scoring
- play from 3:3 or 4:4

The player learns to fight for every point. I tell my players that: winning a point is nothing to celebrate (yet) and losing a point is not a funeral. Every point you play is the most important point.
They also learn that to beat a good player in this type of scoring it takes everything you have. It takes effort, patience, concentration and perseverance. That''s how it is in reality when you play for something meaningful to you.